Importance of Sending your Child to Yeshiva 

        When you hear the pure voice, see the eager eyes and feel the breathy words from a child, when we ask what they learned in the Torah today, we can understand the importance that the Torah places on a Jewish education. Rabbi Yehuda HaNasi says, in Talmud "The world abides only for the sake of school children." (Shabbat 119b) He also says there "The studies of school children may not be interrupted even for the building of the Temple." 

        Rabbi Yehoshua ben Gamla - a Cohen Gadol (High Priest) from the time of the Second Beit HaMikdash (Temple) is partly responsible for the establishment of a formal Jewish education. In the beginning children with fathers would learn Torah from them, children without fathers would not learn Torah. So Rabbi Gamla instituted that there should be schools for all children throughout the land. If it were not for him, Torah would have been forgotten by the people of Israel. (See Talmud: Baba Batra 20b). 

        Most Jewish schools and Yeshivas teach Torah and secular subjects. Most of their teachers are highly qualified, with the appropriate educational certifications. The children, living, playing and learning together gain immensely from being among friends and from being in a Torah environment. The positive environment supplements the values that children absorb at home. They learn to be more respectful of parents, how to conduct themselves properly with others, and learn to do many good deeds. They are taught the values and heritage of our grandfathers that are not taught in secular schools. 

        Attending a Jewish school, children learn to live and love their Jewish heritage. It helps them to form a more meaningful connection with their parents and with their grandparents. For a common link and language is created - Torah. A bond that traverses the generations. 

        Providing children with a Jewish education drastically increases the likelihood that they will go on to marry someone Jewish. Statistics prove this. 70 percent of those (aged 25-44) who had no Jewish education intermarried, while 20 percent of those with 6 or more years of Jewish day school education intermarried. 

        Being in a good Torah environment ensures that a little loved one will be surrounded by positive influences. It guards them from many of the negative influences of society, like bad language, disrespect of authority, drugs, smoking, teenage pregnancy, transmitted diseases, etc. 

        Enrolling children in a good Jewish day school or Yeshiva is the best investment a parent can make for their kids.