Why Should I send my child to Jewish Released Time?

To instill Jewish pride and heritage into your child


  What will my child learn & gain at Jewish Released Time

Your child will learn Jewish prayers, about the Jewish Holidays, and Jewish Customs. They will also gain a Jewish Pride that will stay with them throughout their lives.


  Can anyone go to Released Time?

Jewish Released Time is a program for specifically Jewish children. Jewish Law states that the mother is the parent who gives over the Identity of a child. There is no Religious obligation on the part of the child or parents when you register for Jewish Released Time.


  When does Jewish Released Time take place?

Every Wednesday for the Last hour of your childs normal Public school schedule.


  Who are the teachers at Jewish Released Time?

Our teachers are Students in the Local Rabbinical College. Each week they volunteer a couple hours of their rigorous study schedule to educate the future Jewish generation.


  Where do the Jewish Released Time sessions take place?

At a synagogue or Jewish Center Near your childs school.
(check out your P.S. for details on your school).


  How are the children transported to the classes and then home?

Our trained instructors accompany the children to their classes, some schools by foot and some by vehicle. Jewish Released Time has a van service and busses contracted out for this purpose. Each school has different dismissal arrangements.

Check your P.S. for details at your school. 


  Will my child be missing out on important school time?

According to the NYC Board of Education children may not be missing out on important academics as a result of attending Released Time. Click here to read the Chancellor's Regulations.


  I would really like my child to go to a full time Jewish School, does Jewish Released Time offer this service?

At Jewish Released Time we have a full time office helping Public School parents finding the right Yeshiva and financial aid for their Child.