2008 - PS 178

2008 - PS 178

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Shabbat Party

PS 178 had a very exciting and educational Wednesday Hour .

After two weeks of learning all about the holy Shabbat, its significance all the different customs and how G‑d created the world for six days and on the seventh day, Shabbat, he rested; we actually got to try it out ourselves.

We were treated with a special Shabbat party, where we actually practiced and enjoyed together a model Shabbat meal .

At first we set and prepared the table, so it should look royal for our Shabbat meal. With a beautiful white table cloth, sterling silver Candles sticks, Grape juice, a silver kiddush cup, 2 large and tasty Challah covered with a special embroided Challah cover, our table looked fit for a king.

In the  2nd & 3rd Grades Ester lit the Shabbos candles followed by the blessing. Than Jack was honored as “Abba Shabbat”, he made the Kiddush on a cup of grape juice.  Daniel followed with the blessing on the challah, and cut for every one a generous piece of Challah.

Meanwhile in the  4th - 7th graders, Michel lit the candles, George the “Abba Shabbat” made the Kidush, and Eli made the blessing on the challah.

We then sang the famous “ain’t gonna work on Saturday”, and learned a new song “just one Shabbos”. After singing so nicely and feeling the Shabbat spirit, we were all treated to special Kosher Pizza, and a special Shabbat story!

But it doesn’t end yet! After practicing so well we all received a special mission. This week at home we are supposed to make our own Shabbat meal with our family, lighting the candles, making Kiddush, having a Shabbat meal, singing a Shabbat song, and a bonus to tell over a Shabbat story, if we follow out our mission we get a special prize.


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